What We Beleive

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

First, you must ask what goals would you like to achieve? Would it be helpful to have a coach to be an ally, affirm your potential, and hold you accountable? Are you open to shift your beliefs and behaviors to align with the person you hope to become? If you answered yes to all of the above, then we should talk.

Are coaching and therapy the same thing?

Both coaching a therapy are powerful ways to improve your life and well-being. Therapy focuses more on the healing from the past, in order to create a better present and future. Coaching is primarily focused on achieving future goals, but does spend enough on your past to identify and understand any limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be barriers to your success.

What are the most common coaching goals?

The most common coaching goals of my clients are: - Taking their career/business to the next level - Pursuing life goals without doubt & fear - Urgent situations (i.e. job, relationships, health) - Overcoming perfectionism to get things done - Getting in touch with their higher self - Cultivating balance, joy, and peace in life - Gaining clarity on the gifts and purpose - Developing healthier relationships - Attracting the right type of people

Why would I choose you for my coach?

Firstly, I always recommend that clients shop around to find the coach that feels most right for them. My coaching practice is built off of my life experiences: navigating the corporate world, cultivating healthy relationships, and learning to live an authentic life that consistently brings me the highest vibrations. I have experienced all the highs and lows - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - since venturing into the unknown in pursuit of my dream in January 2016. I understand what it takes to overcome the ego's fears and doubts, in order to stay on the path to achieving your goals. Becoming your best self takes self-reflection, honesty, courage, and dedication to a higher purpose. I live it every day, and would love to help you do the same.

What other benefits will I receive from coaching?

The list of coaching benefits is endless, but here are my favorite:​ - Your transformation becomes an inspiration to others - Learning to be present and live in the moment - Letting go of needing validation from others to be happy - Heightened sense of confidence and empowerment - Allowing your heart to guide you, instead of your ego's fear - Becoming a better listener at home and in the workplace - Creating more meaningful conversations - Breaking the chains of generational habits and beliefs - Discovering that peace and joy can only be found within