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Our Pastors

Pastors Lonnie & Colleen Hardy have pastored at Passion Church in Cameron since 2013. They have a driving passion for Godly intimacy and have carved a path through traditional religious thinking for over 30 years without compromising God’s word, or a concern for the lost.


Their anointed ministry was forged in cold hospitals, damp prisons and musty nursing homes. It has come to life on concert stages, church sanctuaries, counseling rooms and dark alleyways. If you can’t find them in the pulpit, you might find them with their arms around a drug addict somewhere!

Throughout their ministry, Lonnie and Colleen have modeled passionate worship and established the pace for righteous living. They truly demonstrate love to people without bending to the immense social pressures and other ungodly agendas.

At the core of their ministry is a desire to disciple believers and reach the unsaved with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They can’t wait to train others to minister to their friends, neighbors and loved ones. It might be said, they are leaders who work best, side-by-side, with their sleeves rolled up and they train others to do the same.

While Lonnie and Colleen are both rather unassuming with a simple country charm, they preach with great passion and intensity. They always bring something unique to the table. They are old enough to give parental advice and young enough to have some fun.

Over the years, Lonnie and Colleen have held every position in church from cleaning the toilets all the way to leading a large crowd. Their ministry has spanned massive music arenas all the way to humble third world mission outposts.


They haven’t done it alone. Lonnie and Colleen have two sons - Emmanuel and Auston. Emmanuel, his wife Hannah and the grand babies, now serve as Senior Pastors of Vision Church in Kansas City. Auston is a vibrant believer with two great passions…football and guitars. He is also the worship leader here at Passion Church and fills other crucial roles within the ministry. 

Lonnie and Colleen continue to move forward with the life-changing truth of the gospel.

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